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“First time order with these guys. So impressed with how fast the shipping was and how fast it got to me. This stuff is awesome. The high is nice and it tastes awesome. Will order again.”

“My favorite place in the valley to buy buds! They got great specials from time to time, super friendly staff, knowledgeable and the set up is awesome… you can browse at your leisure looking at all the different types of buds and I love how they put them in categories like “wake and bake” or “after work”, plus the two free pre-rolled joints offered is just awesome!!”

“Awesome site good stuff. First the look of the buds are artwork lol. The smell is wonderful. The high was great. No pain after about 5 mins and felt great overall. Highly recommend this strain. Buds were very dense so a little goes a long way. 5 stars”

“It took a while to settle on a particular dispensary. I went to most to get a feel for the best place to go. I have settled on mmj online dispensary. There are several reasons for this: Great service, Well Educated Staff (who actually help you) Huge Selection Well Rounded Product Line Most Importantly management. Always professional, product always available, and the advice is consistently accurate.”

“Great deal And great strain! Always has been a personal favourite. Makes me social, relaxed, a clean high. Glad i started ordering online.”

“Pro staff with a great shop layout makes this a place to browse awhile. Every strain has a description which makes things easy. Little hit and miss on some of the lower priced strains but still a great place to check out.”

San Francisco, California

Thank you so much. I must say that I was very impressed with your professionalism, and I loved the doctor. I am really looking forward to buy buds online and trying cannabis to treat my fibromyalgia pain and will keep you posted, considering I don’t know how to buy weed online yet. I am so thankful that my state has passed these laws to allow access to it. It’s about time the country legalizes it already.

I am so thankful to have my medical marijuana card. The physician was very friendly and helped me through the process of applying. I also really liked the website. You made the process much easier than I was anticipating. I would recommend your clinic in Brockton to all my friends and family.

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“Tastes great. And it was a decent high.”

This strain was ok it got me high and pain free but it usally takes me awhile to get high thank you

“best products ever Loved it, great taste and everything!..

strain is great and relaxing, excellent customer experience